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Debug Console Actions

The Debug Console is what you can input to force changes to certain aspects of the game.


Some may consider this cheating, while others may like full control - creating a world first and then surviving from there. It's up to you!

To call up the console, you will need to press the ENTER key, then a dark bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. In this line is where you can input the console commands, always starting with the FORWARD SLASH (/) key to show it will be a command, and then type in the appropriate command. Listed below are the commands the game accepts so far.

Debug Console CommandsEdit

Again, press the ENTER key first, type in the command, and then press ENTER again to submit.

Command Parameter Result Example
creative | adventure
Changes to the mode specified: Creative Mode or Adventure Mode /mode adventure
1 - 24
Changes time of day, on a 24-hour clock. /time 6
0 - 6
Trigger structure and poacher scenarios
  • 0 - 4 = Structure Raid (creatures arrive and attack you/your structures)
  • 5 = Poacher Tent Spawn (spawn a Poacher Tent nearby)
  • 6 = Poacher Hunt (Poachers go on the hunt)
/scenario 3
0 - 2
Change the weather, in any mode.
  • 0 = clear
  • 1 = rain
  • 2 = fog
/weather 1
Sets the build orb to different sizes.
  • 1 = 300
  • 2 = 600
  • 3 = 1200
  • 4 = 2400
  • 5 = 4800
  • 6 = Infinity
/buildsize 2
Spawn the pre-built world object/creature with that ID number. Try different IDs to experiment!
  • Note that some IDs are unassigned and/or don't work properly with the /spawn command.
  • IDs may change in future builds.
/spawn 13
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