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Lifeblocks are literally the building blocks of life. They are obtained by defeating a wild creature and picking up its pieces, or by gathering life blocks from eggs. Each block has a set of stats and a specific function associated with them. Eyes allow them to see, ears to hear, limbs to move quicker, etc. Depending on the stats of the block, they can increase the creature's health and energy burn rate. The distance an eye can see and the strength of a bite are also examples of lifeblock variables. Rare lifeblocks can have increased stats or special abilities. Lifeblocks can be converted into a hamburger with a stove and creatures can eat lifeblocks raw.

  • PROGRESSION: There are tiers of creatures that players can create. The higher the tier, the harder they are to make and obtain life blocks for. However, making that high tier creature will make it easier to gather the more valuable resources. Creatures can also have different roles, such as farming and homestead creation, breeding and producing rare life blocks, and defending against loggers and poachers.
  • CREATURE BALANCE: This is controlled by Energy Burn. Energy is fueled by food and if a creature runs out of energy it will become weak and eventually die. Abilities such as attacks, eating, seeing, flying, etc cost different amounts of energy than ordinary body blocks. This means that the more things a creature can do, the more it takes to keep them alive.

List of Creature TypesEdit


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